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SEQUENCIA : THE MUSIC OF DNA: The Building Block of Life

Buy .mp3 album or CD w/ CD Baby or Amazon | Buy CD from Susan $15| Length (1 hr) | Description – Original compositions for violin, cello, synthesizer, voice and tabla. (Created in partnership with cell biologist, Dr. David Deamer.) View Tracklist

  1. Eikos: 9:25 Wendy Reid, violin; S. Alexjander, synthesizer
  2. Sequencia: 34:00 S. Alexjander, synthesizer; Diana Nieves, voice; Intro Karen Andrie, cello; Don Lax, violin; Andrew McLester, Tal tabla : Adenine / Tal / Thymine /Tal /Guanine /Psalmus
  3. Pataphysical Thymine: 12:13 William Trimble, Saxophone; S.A. synthesizer

Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $10 | Length 10 min. | Description – Sounds of the universe, including planets and space radiation (NASA) and the sonification of two colliding black holes (MIT). A transformational journey. Soundtrack originally designed for gallery and exhibition in collaboration with Rebecca Kamen, sculptor, for The National Academy of Science, Washington, D.C.

NEUROCANTOS: Sounds of the Busy Brain

Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $10| Length (7 min) | Description – Sounds of the busy brain, including firing neurons and the poetry of Steven J. Fowler (spoken by the UK poet himself). The enchanting Spanish voice is quoting neuro-anatomist/artist Santiago Ramon y Cajal.


Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $15 | Length 1 hr continuous | Description – An Elemental Garden – based on the Periodic Table of Elements. The soundtrack consists of Larmor Frequencies (radiowaves emitted from the nucleus of atoms) translated into tone/music from 83 of the elements.


Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $10| Length 24 min. can be looped / 5 tracks | Description – Frequencies from eight of the lightest, or first created, elements rendered into sound: hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur. The tones come from a translation of Larmor Frequencies…radio waves on the megahertz scale which eminate from the nucleus of the atom. View Tracklist


      1. Elements in descending order of creation from collapsing stars:
        Hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur.
      2. Elements combined in different octaves
      3. Hydrogen and helium in Perfect Fifths
      4. Phosphorus, Oxygen and Hydrogen
      5. Fifteen minute meditation – all eight elements combined.
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DNA MUSIC/DNA SUITE by Dr. David Deamer

Buy .mp3 album or CD w/ CD Baby | Length 75 min. 9 Tracks | Description – Musical rhythms and combinations of tones which are charming and tuneful as the bases proceed along the double helix. DNA Suite is informational and fun, while DNA Music is for a more meditative mood. Originally separate cassette recordings, DNA Music and DNA Suite are now available on one complete, re-mastered CD. A classic! View Tracklist

Tracklist :


  1. Molecular Meditation: HINDIII
  2. Molecular Meditation: BLUR 17DNA SUITE
  3. BLUR 17
  4. ALU Consensus
  5. Insulin A & B Chains
  6. ALU Consensus Retrograde
  7. Bovine Satellite
  8. BLUR 17
  9. Explanation by Dr. David Deamer

Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $10 | Length 12 min, can be looped | Description – Using the cranial-sacral model of healing, Fluid reflects how light, shapes and rhythms inform our body as it communicates with itself, the Earth and the overall Matrix of life.


Buy .mp3, .wav, or CD from Susan $10|
Listen () | Length 1 hr continuous | Description On The Backs of Whales uses an imaginary, crystalline ocean as its inspiration. It is Ocean, re-dreaming itself and the world into being.


To see samples of these films, please visit the film page.

1. Zero Waiting (4 1/2 minutes, looped. DVD.)  | Buy from Susan $35.00  | DescriptionAn artistic interpretation through sound and visuals of Zero Point Energy, the quantum field that makes up our Universe.

2. Into Being, The River (20 min DVD, not looped.) | Buy from Susan $35.00  | Description – Immerses the viewer in an ancient place of remembrance, of First Thought, and celebrates our connection to the All and to each other through the pathway of the consciousness of water.


1. Three Little Multiverses (For Lou) : For Mezzo soprano, cello, English horn, and harp (6 minutes) . Text by Lou Harrison. | Buy Score $10.00  | DescriptionTo be performed at the Lou Harrison Centennial June 16/17 2017 in Portland, OR (See home page for details).

2. Two Art Songs: My Body A Tree, And For No Reason text by Hafiz. For piano & voices. | Buy Score $10.00  | Description – Past performances in Aptos, Ca; San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon.

3. Buffalo Bill’s Defunct, for saxophone and narrator; text by ee cummings | Buy Score $10.00 | Description – This short piece was commissioned by William Trimble, classical saxophonist, who wanted a piece he could both play and speak. I added another narrator to create sound poetry between the two performers. A favorite in the saxophone repertoire. Not recorded; published score.

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