Interesting Links

My collaborators:

David Deamer, cell biologist

Lisa Denning, underwater photographer

Diana Hobson, video artist

Rebecca Kamen, sculptor

Lavinia Magliocco, dancer, choreographer

West Marrin, water scientist

Thais Mazur, sculptor/dancer/writer

Silvia Nakkach, Yoga of the Voice

Susan Plum, glass sculptor

Michael Stocker, bio acoustician

Links of Interest

Ronnie M. Warner, Banner artist, Astro photographer

Pyramid Cymatics and More

Carolyn North: healing work to encourage a balance of body, mind and spirit, from the individual and group levels to the planetary and cosmic.

BBC interview: Sci/Tech: Listen to your DNA – Comprehensive resource guide to sound/music/science and the Healing Arts

ASCI – Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.

Chris Dunn – Chris Dunn’s site, discussing the Great Pyramid as a tuned instrument

Cosmic Octave – Hans Cousto’s Cosmic Octave

John Stuart Reid – Cymaglyph Demos

Microtonal Musician – Neil Haverstick

Stephan Micus: natural sounds
music of stones, music from plants, music based on insect sounds, animal music, animal performances Sacred Geometry and Harmonic Proportion of the Earth. Genetic Music: An Annotated Source List

David Wilcock A fun site possible in English, with unusual sound/science connections.

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