Welcome to the Universe as Sound ~ The Micro/Macro Cosmic Music of Composer Susan Alexjander

“See deep enough, and you see musically;

The heart of Nature being everywhere music, If you can only reach it.”

—Thomas Carlyle

  • LOU HARRISON CENTENNIAL June 16-17, Portland State University


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CONTINUUM Installation – Sculpture, Poetry and Soundscapes (Portal & Neurocantos)

A collaboration with sculptor Rebecca Kamen and poet Steven J. Fowler. Soundscape by Susan Alexjander.

Continuum Installation Walk-through from Rebecca Kamen Website on Vimeo.

NEUROCANTOS depicts inner and outer spaces of the brain, using language and poetry by Steven J. Fowler layered with the sounds of space.

PORTAL SOUNDSCAPE is the story in sound of what happens when two collapsed neutron stars (black holes) orbit around each other and finally merge, transforming on the other side of the singularity point. Sounds are from NASA, Earth, and the microtonal worlds of water and elements.

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celloubration_cardFriday June 16 – Sat June 17, 2017 (Portland State University, Lincoln Hall) –  $20 general | $15 Seniors, PSU, Cascadia Composers | Students Free | Weekend Pass $30 | Tickets pdx.edu/boxoffice or 503.725.3307  . Music by—and inspired by—Lou Harrison.  (View Complete Program PDF)

Born in Portland in 1917, renowned composer Lou Harrison defied convention, embracing non-Western music, advocating gay rights and environmentalism and pursuing melodic beauty along with musical innovation throughout his colorful career.

Featuring Portland State School of Music, Venerable Showers of Beauty gamelan ensemble, Portland Percussion Group and guest musicians for concerts and talks celebrating the centennial of Oregon’s greatest composer, plus premieres of new music inspired by Harrison’s pioneering legacy. Presented in partnership with Cascadia Composers.

CONTINUUM – Gallery Exhibit

April 13 – May 27, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA) – Esther Klein Gallery (EKG) 3600 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 .   (Esther Klein Gallery Website  | (215) 966 – 6188 | Gallery@sciencecenter.org | www.rebeccakamen.com ) .

Opening Reception : Thursday April 13, 5 – 7:30 pm — Featuring a performative dance element by Megan Mizanty. (POSTCARD DETAILS :

Continuum showcard_p2


Continuum”  by Rebecca Kamen explores the relationship and poetics between inner and outer space and showcases the multimedia installation NeuroCantos, created in collaboration with sound artist Susan Alexjander.


ZUVUYA – ongoing project devoted to the health of our ocean

ZUVUYA - Interactive installation by Thais Mazur, video by Lisa Denning, and sound design, Coming On The Backs of Whales, by Susan Alexjander )

Photo – Lisa Denning

ZUVUYA is an ongoing project devoted to the health of our oceans. (Visit the Zuvuya Project Website)

It features the amazing living sculpture, OCEAN, an immersive, interactive installation by Thais Mazur, video (on hanging screens) of life-size whales and dolphins by underwater filmmaker Lisa Denning, and sound design Coming On The Backs of Whales, by Susan Alexjander.


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