FluidFluid, The Sound Creation (View PDF)

Pulsar ElementThe Tonal World of Pulsars/Chemical Elements 2007 by S.Alexjander (View PDF)

F# and the Great Pyramid – “F#s – What’s This All About???” – by S. Alexjander.

Interesting note : If you Google “F#” you come up with almost two million possible references, mostly about MicroSoft software and music theory. However if you Google “F# Great Pyramid Egypt” you get 380 picks.

IEEE Engineering In Medicine and BiologyThe Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases: Science and Art by S. Alexjander

21st Century Renaissance Journal“Microcosmic Music – A New Level of Intensity” by S. Alexjander

Keynote talk at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont Health Arts & Sciences Graduation, July, 2001 – “Entering the Great Sound Current and Riding the Wave” (View PDF)

Featured articles about Sequencia (sounds of DNA) :

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