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PORTAL Soundscape

PORTAL/Black Holes White Holes
A collaboration with sculptor Rebecca Kamen
National Academy of Science; Washington, D.C.
February 16th to July 6th, 2015

portal soundscape

PORTAL SOUNDSCAPE is the story in sound of what happens when two
collapsed neutron stars (black holes) orbit around each other and finally
merge, transforming on the other side of the singularity point. Sounds are
from NASA, Earth, and the microtonal worlds of water and elements. First
premiered in Portland, Oregon, November, 2014.


Thursday evening, April 30, 2015
Tallinn, Estonia

Portals of Sound and Light, Black Holes and Beyond

International Light Association 12th Annual Conference

What better place than Tallinn to explore the intersections of light and dark
as we enter the Estonian ‘Twilight Zone,’ so unique to this part of the world?
Meet pioneers in the field of light and healing such as Mae-Wan Ho and Gerald
sharing their latest research and discoveries.



ZUVUYA is an ongoing project devoted to the health of our ocean.
It features the amazing living sculpture, OCEAN, an immersive, interactive
installation by Thais Mazur, video (on hanging screens) of life-size whales
and dolphins by underwater filmmaker Lisa Denning, and sound design Coming
On The Backs of Whales, by Susan Alexjander.
Read more about it here:






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"See deep enough, and you see musically; The heart of Nature being everywhere music, If you can only reach it."

—Thomas Carlyle